Lumina Learning Account Tiers

For ten years we have aimed to use smart data to make personality simple, delivering the most nuanced and sophisticated products in the market.

Now we're doing the same for our Practitioner Accounts.

We have introduced to our Lumina Learning ecosystem three new Practitioner account tiers that deliver to you new products and services - all designed so you can delight your clients with our latest innovations.

The innovations include the new Lumina Spark Coach - the biggest change to Lumina Spark since we launched it - and a new Resource Library for those looking for further material to help embed your Lumina Solutions.


Each Practitioner Account will belong to one of three tiers: Lumina Essentials, Lumina Premium or Lumina Enterprise.


Keep reading for more information on what to expect, and of course, if you have any questions please get in touch.

Good things come in threes.

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Lumina Essentials


The Essentials. Lumina Essentials has no additional cost. It gives you a single price for purchasing points regardless of volume and gives all you need to use Lumina Learning Products and Solutions with your clients (internal or external), allowing you hassle-free access to the Lumina Learning ecosystem. With it, you will always be able to use our essential products and solutions such as the Lumina Spark Portrait.


Lumina Essentials is for you if you don't work with high volumes and prefer flexibility and choice over what you pay for.  It's great for you if you can't guarantee the level of business you will have months in advance, as there is no annual fee. In fact, it’s free!


It provides access to all of the products you are qualified in, supported by our Essentials Resources Library.  Beyond this, you also have the option to access new products and features like the up and coming Spark Coach on a ‘pay-as-you-go’ basis, through our Lumina points system.


And it's free, forever. 



Lumina Premium


The comprehensive solution. Lumina Premium is for Practitioners who work at scale or want easy access to the latest innovative Lumina Learning Products and Solutions.


Lumina Premium includes a volume discount table for points purchase and  complimentary use of the new Spark Coach, Lumina Gift, the Practitioner version of the Splash App and our new Premium Resource Library, which contains a wealth of learning resources and course slides, and will be continually enhanced.


All these extras come for a flat annual rate, which makes our new products and solutions very accessible, irrespective of volume.  For example, with Lumina Premium you do not need to ‘pay-as-you-go’ with the new Spark Coach, as a complimentary Spark Coach is provided with every Lumina Spark Portrait purchased. This means you don’t have to charge more to your clients or worry about volume related costs.


You can simply focus on what matters.




Lumina Enterprise


You’re in control. Lumina Enterprise is for organisations with multiple Practitioners that wish to work in a co-ordinated way and share their data.  Lumina Enterprise gives you the option of running a central admin account, supporting a centrally managed points pool and one consistent renewal date for all of your Practitioners.


In future we will also offer Lumina Enterprise further options including API Integrations, Portrait Queue Priority and other bespoke services.


Other than this, Lumina Enterprise offers the same end-to-end solutions as Lumina Premium, with industry-leading levels of service and the security that you can expect from Lumina Learning.


Quite simply, there’s nothing else like it.





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Additional information 

  • Account tier membership is for 12 months and is non-refundable.
  • If you opt for Lumina Premium or Lumina Enterprise then allow your subscription to lapse, there will be a one-off reactivation fee upon renewing your subscription.



Spark Coach

Learning without limits.


One of the main challenges facing HR in large organisations is how to deliver learning at scale; embedding learning to ensure investment in learning creates sustainable change. With Lumina Spark Coach, learning doesn't have to stop at the end of the workshop or feedback session.


Spark Coach empowers your Participants to take personal development into their own hands, giving them an interactive and impactful experience that embeds their learning long after an intervention.


Spark Coach allows you and your Participants to investigate their Quality Patterns - amplifications, hidden treasures, paradoxes and much more, supported by discovery coaching questions resulting in the articulation and achievement of key goals.


Participants can choose their most important development areas and answer questions which will feed into the dynamically created digital and personalised Coaching Guide. As a Practitioner, you can review their  coaching answers and goals, printing out their Coaching Guide before your workshop or feedback session, giving you a powerful tool that allows you to focus in on the important questions.


Spark Coach is the biggest addition to Lumina Spark since its creation. We can't wait to show off more of the features as we get closer to its release later this year.



Discover Spark Coach

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Resource Library

A wealth of knowledge at your fingertips.


Great news - we’re replacing our Practitioner OneDrive with a beautiful new system that makes it far easier to find what you need, when you need it.


Most of our existing files - from the Lumina Spark Definitions to the Workshop templates - will be reorganised and moved over to the new system.


On top of these, we have many new, Premium Resources that will sit in the system, allowing you to offer more innovative and exciting solutions to your clients.


Lumina Premium account holders will have additional access to new resources such as our 'Sparking Up Your Innovation' modules, and our new 'Agile and Digital Transformation' keynote PowerPoint decks, along with much, much more.




The gift that keeps on giving.


Lumina Gift is a complimentary taste of the Lumina Spark experience. It gives your Participants the ability to share a free Gift with a friend or family member, allowing them to complete a Lumina Spark Questionnaire and receive a short Portrait.


The Lumina Gift Portrait is very short, containing a welcome page, Splash and a QR code allowing the recipient to use the Lumina Splash App with the combined persona.


Lumina Gift enables Participants to share their experience, and embed their knowledge when they compare with friends and family, explaining and reflecting on Lumina Spark as they go.


The Lumina Gift Portrait also contains your Practitioner details, so recipients can get in touch with you for more information. Lumina Gift is a great way for your Participants to share their experience and continue the conversation.

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Lumina Splash App - Essentials

Lumina Learning app view your personal splash

View Your Splash

Quickly visualise how you scored on eight key aspects of your personality - Extraverted and Introverted, Big Picture Thinking and Down to Earth, Inspiration Driven and Discipline Driven, People Focused and Outcome Focused.


Lumina Learning Interactive App explore your aspects

Explore your Aspects

Navigate your Splash by zooming into the Aspect level to learn more about your scores with the help of dynamic descriptions which are generated by your responses.



Lumina Learning Interactive App share to compare

Share to Compare

Share your Splash online with colleagues, friends and family to get personalised feedback on where you complement each other and where you might clash!




Lumina Splash App - Premium & Enterprise


lumina learning splash app splash gallery

Splash Gallery

Quickly view any Splash and compare any two Splashes directly from your Splash Gallery.

lumina learning splash app speed read

Speed Read Others

Speed Read your clients, learners, colleagues, friends and family from your own device.


lumina learning splash app splash o matic

Draw Any Splash

Use Splash-O-Matic to intuitively explore people's personalities by creating their splash in front of their eyes.


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