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Lumina Gift

The Gift that keeps on giving.

What is Lumina Gift?

Lumina Gift is a complimentary taste of the Lumina Spark experience. It gives your Participants the ability to share a free Gift with a friend or family member, allowing them to complete a Lumina Spark Questionnaire and receive a short Portrait.


Gift enables Participants to share their experience, and embed their knowledge when they compare with friends and family, explaining and reflecting on Lumina Spark as they go.




What's included?

The Gift Portrait is a very short Spark Portrait, containing only a welcome page, Splash and a QR Code allowing the Gift recipient to use the Lumina Splash App with the combined persona.


The Gift Portrait also contains your Practitioner details, so recipients can get in touch with you for more information. Lumina Gift is a great way for your Participants to share their experience and continue the conversation.


For more information on how to find and use Lumina Gift, please visit our Knowledge Base.


Lumina Premium

Lumina Gift is available as a benefit for Lumina Premium and Enterprise members. Click the button below to find out more:

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