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The Big Challenge

One of the biggest challenges facing organisations across the world is how to deliver learning to their staff that lasts a lifetime; ensuring investments create sustainable, scalable impacts that reach far beyond the initial intervention. All whilst available remotely. Spark Coach gives your Participants tools they can take away to self-develop in the workplace and from home - so now you can continue their learning far beyond the workshop. It's the biggest addition to Lumina Spark since it's creation. Discover learning without limits. 

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The Big Solution

Spark Coach empowers the individuality of those you share it with by putting personal development into their own hands.  Self-awareness is important, but not sufficient, to create lasting change. Now you can give them a more interactive and impactful experience than ever before through Lumina Spark. With the all-new feature addition of Spark Coach, you can excite their continuous curiosity to explore and play with personality, embedding and growing their learning long after an intervention or workshop. It's effortlessly virtual.  


Forget the traditional limitations in learning and interventions. Gone are the days of drops in engagement between sessions. No more paper reports gathering dust in desks from learning fatigue or under usage. Nor the missed learning opportunities from those crucial development moments when the coach isn't around to help. Now you can give your Participants personality at the push of a button with self-driven, deeper learning that lasts a lifetime.  You'll be able to run more continuous interventions, and more interventions at once than ever before.  Meet the latest addition to Lumina Spark's digital suite. Any time. Anywhere. Any size project. 



Sustainable. Scalable. Remotely Accessible. 

By highlighting key Quality Patterns in their personality, like hidden treasures and paradoxes, as well as providing personalised coaching questions and development tips, Spark Coach helps you to unlock the unlimited potential of self-development like never before. It's your time to bring a newly dynamic lens to the most disruptive personality model in the market. Deliver more sustainable, scalable, remotely accessible impacts than ever before. 


As their coach you can get involved as you want to enrich their learning every step of the way, developing your Participants throughout their journey by helping them identify key areas of focus, exploring their qualities, reviewing their coaching questions and helping them set personal goals.  Looking to run much larger projects? Let your Participants intuitively self-explore, so you can step back and let Spark Coach do the hard work for you. 


No matter what your need; whether it be improving communication, building highly resilient teams, 1-to-1 coaching, maximising productivity, creating deeper organisational engagement or anything beyond. Spark Coach will take your interventions to the next level so you can truly celebrate the people you share it with through the language of personality. You'll build better organisations through interventions that last a lifetime. No matter where, no matter what. It really is learning without limits. 


We spent our first ten years transforming how personality is understood. Now we are transforming how personality is delivered. 




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We promise you'll love it. #LearningWithoutLimits 


Any Time. Any Where. Any Size Project. 



Spark Coach creates more personal, more accessible and ultimately deeper engagement with learning that never stops, reaching through initial development and far beyond the intervention. You'll maximise the sustainability of the impact you create with those you share Spark Coach with, through smart data, simple language, and easy virtual access to self-development. You'll excite the continuous curiosity to interactively explore and play with  personality like you've never experienced previously.



It's fully virtual, and effortlessly virtual. So you can roll it with any size team, big or small, and expand Spark Coach seamlessly as your Participants develop and organisational demands develop too. All whilst maintaining the quality of development no matter how large the project becomes, whether working remotely, face-to-face or a blend of both. Get involved in their learning as you like, or step back and let participants take the reigns.


Remotely Accessible. 

Whether you're introducing an intervention for a small team or thousands of employees; now you can introduce Lumina Spark in a workshop, then schedule the release of Spark Coach for the end of the workshop. Now your Participants are able to continue learning at the push of a button in the workplace, remotely and in their own time. 


Discover Learning Without Limits.

Give participants the interactive ability to explore their personality, watching video explainers, reading development tips and filling out goals with the GROWS framework. You'll celebrate the people you share it with, showing them as they truly are by embedding and growing their unlimited potential - simultaneously growing their organisation too. No matter when, where or size. The result? Learning without limits; more sustainable, scalable impacts in your interventions than ever before, all available remotely at the push of a button.



Spark Coach is the perfect complement to the Spark Portrait. However you choose to use it, it's a rich and exciting addition to your toolkit for learning without limits. It's only 35 points per Participant. And best of all, it's free for Lumina Premium & Enterprise members with every Spark Portrait purchased.


How to Activate Spark Coach in your Lumina Spark Projects



Check out the three features below for what you can expect ⇓


 It's effortlessly virtual. #LearningWithoutLimits


3 Key Features 


Patterns of Personality

Spark Coach allows you and your Participants to interactively play with their personality, exploring their unique Quality Patterns across the Three Personas. These include their amplifications, hidden treasures, paradoxes and more - all automatically adjusted to reflect their most significant Patterns and create continuous curiosity for self-development.


The Quality Patterns reflect strengths as well as possible areas for development using smart data and simple language. This helps guide the Participant's development journey with easy-to-understand, relatable and precise meaning. 


Participants also can adjust their Quality Patterns to visualise their future potential development. Information on the 24 Qualities is provided through in-depth video explainers by Dr Stewart Desson, creator of Lumina Spark.






Discovery Coaching Questions

Participants can choose their most important development areas and answer personalised coaching questions, ensuring they can focus on what really matters to take genuine ownership of their development. Doing so empowers their individuality and shows them as they really are. This supports the articulation and achievement of key goals using the GROWS framework





Personalised Coaching Guide

Practitioners can view Participants' coaching answers and goals and generate a dynamically created and personalised Coaching Guide, meaning they can provide direction and support whenever it's needed. Review before your workshop or feedback session to gain a powerful tool that allows you to focus in on the important questions. 

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4 Powerful Steps for Participants 


You can guide Participants across the features above with four key powerful steps to their development journey; identifying key areas of focus, exploring their qualities , reviewing their coaching questions and helping them set personal goals.


Each of the four steps are designed to maximise the quality of development you give your participants throughout their journey from start to finish. Get as involved in their development as you desire, or simply step back and give Participants total influence over their development. The choice is yours. 


Maybe you want to introduce performance management to your team. You can use Spark Coach for continuous development, periodically answering coaching questions and GROWS, and using them as a basis for all of your performance conversations. The conversation never stops.


Or, perhaps you simply want to add a new layer of depth to your 1-to-1 coaching. Spark Coach gives you and your coachee their Spark Quality Patterns, dynamic questions and personalised tips, allowing you to skip straight to the questions that really matter.


How to Activate Spark Coach in your Lumina Spark Projects


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The Future Is Now

Spark Coach is the biggest addition to Lumina Spark since its creation. It costs 35 points per Participant, and best of all - it's free for Lumina Premium & Enterprise members with every Spark Portrait purchased. Tomorrow's world is here today - let's transform learning & development so you can deliver more exceptional results ever before.


It's sustainable, scalable and remotely accessible. It's effortlessly virtual. Discover #LearningWithoutLimits


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